CheVonne knows her stuff. Her assistance she gave me from recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery was life changing. Thanks!!! Take the first steps to change your life. It's not overnight change. It's a journey lol

Latashia Smalls

Military Spouse

LifeSkills and Education Specialist

Journey Fitness is a wonderful way to get the personal training that you need but in a different way, Che'Vonne knows her profession like no one else I have met in her field. If you give her the chance and stick to her plan and advice, you will see nothing but progress.

Tommy Bryan III

United States Marine


I swear this is the best and most convenient type of training that I have ever had! The ease of use of the App, the very short videos on how to perform each exercise, the customized tweaked workouts, the accountability I get from Che'Vonne, the strength I've gained!.......I didn't realize how much stronger I got until I retook a fitness test weeks after starting. I surpassed all of my initial stats, and I am geeked that I can now do shoulder taps without shaking!! This type of online training just fits into my life! Thanks Che'Vonne for starting Journey Fitness and for helping me take the journey to reach my fitness goals!

Forever grateful,

Natalie Moore

Journey Fitness Customer


Journey Fitness, helped me recover from two separate injuries as a professional athlete! The workouts were detailed and challenging hence I always returned to the basketball court a better player and person. I was pleasantly surprised to also glean information on physical therapy and things that I could do to sustain my state of wellness and prevent future injuries. Ms. Che'Vonne has a wealth of knowledge and I am more than certain that anyone that decides to "join the journey" with her will see and feel immediate results. As a 16 year professional athlete I've seen the world's BEST trainers and I am unashamed to say that Journey Fitness has put together programs specific to my needs better than ANY trainer(s) or physical therapist(s) I've ever been around. I owe them my championship and mvp trophy from 2008!!! Thanks Again

Damien Urena McSwine

Professional Athlete


I am training with Che'Vonne through the Trainerize tool and it's great to use for accountability! It also helps that the exercises she prescribes have videos on how to properly execute each move.

Even the simple exercises give me a good sweat! I've done them at 11pm which helps when you can't get to the gym.

* I have not been compensated for my opinion. Just offering an honest review.

LeRonda Perry

Trainerize Client-